Spinning Poles - No more flag wrapping!

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Our spinning flagpole is the very best residential flagpole available today. A row of ball bearings encircles the pole 4' from the top, enabling the top half of your pole with the flag to spin in the wind, while the lower half stays securely anchored in the bracket. You will love the way it keeps your flag or banner tangle-free! Aluminum non-tangle pole with durable wood-grain finish or white powder coating affords years of rust-free use and comes finished with shiny gold ball top. Silver spinning pole comes with shiny silver ball top. 1'' in diameter; will fit into any standard 1" bore bracket. Wood grain look ball top available separately. And the best part . . . this Spinning Flagpole lets you fly a banner that slides onto the pole, and also a flag with grommets (the little brass rings). Pure genius! Choose 5' Spin Free pole for printed porch banners or 30" x 48" flags Choose 6' Spin-Free pole for our cloth appliqued banners or 3' x 5' flags

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